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KROWN.BIO: Products made of mycelium and agricultural waste

Mycelium is the network of mushroom roots. This Mycelium acts as a natural glue that can bind a biomass together. The magic process We 3D print our reusable moulds with a renewable biopolymer, and we can shred and reprint them over and over again in-house. These moulds are filled with local agricultural waste, a little water and mycelium that binds it all together. We only have to wait for the structure to grow and gain its strength, which takes around a week. Once it’s full-grown and dried, it turns into a structural, stable and renewable product. And: at the end of it’s useful life our products can be used...


Wine Packaging for a Sustainable 21st Century World Traditional round, glass wine bottles have remained relatively unchanged for the past two centuries. These bottles are fragile, heavy and spatially inefficient; they are no longer fit for purpose in a world that’s facing a climate crisis. One Californian study shows that 51% of a bottle of wine’s carbon footprint results from packaging and transport.1 Garçon Wines’ solution is eco, flat wine bottles that are made of 100% pre-existing PET plastic, not single-use plastic, creating a demand for plastic that’s already in circulation, helping to mitigate against it ending up as waste in landfill or litter in our...

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