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FUTURE – the 100.000 trees project

To date, 174 hectares have been planted and 106,019 native trees have been installed. 49 areas in the Porto Metropolitan Area, with tourism and leisure purpose, were valorised. Thousands of citizens participate (16,776 volunteer participations that resulted in 54,340 volunteer hours). The planted trees (when adults) will remove 9,877 tonnes of Carbon per year, as well as 55 tonnes of air pollutants (CO, O3, NO2, SO2, PM2.5), while helping to prevent rainwater drainage, optimizing rainwater management in urban areas and soil water in rural contexts. The economic value of these three ecological services offered by the trees already planted is € 2.15 million....

Toyota Hybrid’s

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly important as a growing global trend, year after year. With the launch of Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid passenger car, Toyota consolidated its position in the supply of electric vehicles. In 2017 the sale of 1.52 million vehicles and a cumulative volume of 11.47 million hybrids Toyota sold represents a reduction of more than 90 million tons of CO2 (when compared to the sale of equivalent conventional vehicles)....

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