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Operational equipment

Wastewater Treatment with a Nature-based solution

The Waves Floating System can be applied in the retrofit of conventional Constructed Wetlands, avoiding the costs associated with the removal, transport and deposition of the contaminated substrate. In a retrofit the Waves Floating System also manages to improve the treatment parameters, increasing the life time of Constructed Wetland and definitively eliminate the clogging problem....

Municipal Fleet Renewal

The use of a mostly electric fleet will also enable an estimated reduction in CO2 emissions in the order of 2,350 tons within the term of the four years contract, which shows the commitment of the Municipality to combat climate change, drastically reducing the contribution of the sector transport to global warming....

Toyota Hybrid’s

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly important as a growing global trend, year after year. With the launch of Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid passenger car, Toyota consolidated its position in the supply of electric vehicles. In 2017 the sale of 1.52 million vehicles and a cumulative volume of 11.47 million hybrids Toyota sold represents a reduction of more than 90 million tons of CO2 (when compared to the sale of equivalent conventional vehicles)....

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