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Real-time water quality monitoring in the Douro River

Water is one of the most important elements for the existence of life. The importance of water for the sustainability of our planet has resulted in it becoming a core focus in many countries, mainly with the goal of finding solutions to improve access to water and ensuring its quality. It is reported that only 3% of the world’s existing water supply is fit for consumption by humans and animals (United Nations – 2016). However, this water is not only for drinking, it has to support many other essential activities such as agriculture, industries and cleaning. Preservation of natural resources is increasingly discussed by...

Wastewater Treatment with a Nature-based solution

The Waves Floating System can be applied in the retrofit of conventional Constructed Wetlands, avoiding the costs associated with the removal, transport and deposition of the contaminated substrate. In a retrofit the Waves Floating System also manages to improve the treatment parameters, increasing the life time of Constructed Wetland and definitively eliminate the clogging problem....

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