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Wine Packaging for a Sustainable 21st Century World Traditional round, glass wine bottles have remained relatively unchanged for the past two centuries. These bottles are fragile, heavy and spatially inefficient; they are no longer fit for purpose in a world that’s facing a climate crisis. One Californian study shows that 51% of a bottle of wine’s carbon footprint results from packaging and transport.1 Garçon Wines’ solution is eco, flat wine bottles that are made of 100% pre-existing PET plastic, not single-use plastic, creating a demand for plastic that’s already in circulation, helping to mitigate against it ending up as waste in landfill or litter in our...

BARBOSA & ALMEIDA – Energy efficiency improvements and CO2 emissions reduction

As a result of the continuous improvement of natural gas consumption efficiency and the consistent utilization of cullet in the melting process, BA has been able to continuously reduce the CO2 emissions in its production process, saving over 85 000 ton of CO2 emissions in the last 5 years, the equivalent to the yearly emissions of over 20 000 cars....

AMORIM – Greencork

These projects are notorious examples of promoting the principles of a circular economy by Corticeira Amorim, while reflecting its strong social impact. Since the beginning of the projects, more than 550 million cork stoppers have been collected for recycling and donated more than 1.5 M€ for social causes and reforestation....

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