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Turismo de Portugal – Eco-Schools Programme

Development Area: Environmental Education


Implemented in Portugal by the Blue Flag Association (ABAE), this programme, oriented towards environmental education, sustainability and citizenship, aims to encourage environmental management actions and positive environmental practices.


Recognition of the work done by schools for the benefit of the environment is embodied by the Green Flag Award, certifying the existence in a specific school of a coherent and quality environmental education.


Currently, 10 out of 12 Turismo de Portugal tourism schools have received a Green Flag.


From the designs selected each year, we highlight initiatives that contribute to environmental and social sustainability, involve the school community and students, and aim to achieve the following goals:


1 Reduce water and electricity consumption

Monitoring costs and promoting actions such as placing signs at strategic points, in order to draw attention to saving resources.


2 Raise awareness of the importance of recycling

Increasing environmental collection activities (batteries/plastic covers/electrical equipment).


3 Promote healthy eating: developing projects for the creation of Biological Gardens


4 Celebrate Green Day

Holding an Environmental Meeting among schools, where relevant projects and best practices can be presented.


5 Promote food education

Encouraging food waste reduction campaigns, use of waste and excess food donation to social institutions.


6 Support social actions

Through fund raising and collection of clothes and school supplies for social institutions.


7 Development of social skills among students

Through incorporation in the curricula of two Curricular Units with topics related to environmental education and sustainability (accessible tourism, sustainable tourism,…).



Turismo de Portugal


Environmental Education


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