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LABORIAL – Green Flow, High Efficiency Fume Hoods

Potential environmental impacts were a concern to Laborial, and early on the company sought to find opportunities to reduce our footprint. With this concern, since 2015, Laborial is a formally certified company by ISO 14001 standard that provides practical tools to manage our environmental responsibilities. We assume life cycle analyses as needed, as well as environmental challenges such as climate change.

The energy consumption of equipment and buildings is, increasingly, a concern present in daily routines, and is also important in the performance of laboratory spaces. In any modern laboratory, fume cupboards are fundamental to conducting extremely difficult and risky tests, ensuring the security required in such spaces. These fume cupboards, because of the high energy consumption required in their operation, are a relevant focus to consider when it comes to defining a sustainable consumption strategy for a laboratory environment.

Laborial developed and patented an innovative technical solution system for fume cupboards to reduce their consumption needs – AHMAR GREENFLOW. The solution was developed by a highly specialized engineering and design team that use an air injection system based on the injection of air at strategic points inside the fume cupboard, which has a highly positive effect on fluid flow efficiency.

This new equipment contributed to a reduction in the exhaust flow rate, with a decrease in air flow extraction of up to 35%, while also reducing the need for air-conditioned air insufflation in spaces.


 . Fully tested and compliant with EN 14175 most demanding safety and robust specifications. It allows a 35% reduction in extracted air flow compared with conventional fume cupboards available on the market;

. Energetically efficient solution for laboratory buildings, with a direct impact on the cost associated with indoor air conditioning and savings on infrastructure, ensuring its sustainability and a reduction in its carbon footprint;

The AHMAR GEENFLOW has obtained good results and allowed Laborial to equip important laboratories in Europe, where environment sustainability is very present. In this way, it is possible to STIMULATE other CUSTOMERS BY A CONCERN FOR THE SUSTAINABILITY OF BUILDINGS AND THE PLANET.




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5 Setembro, 2019

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