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Krown.Bio – Products made of mycelium and agricultural waste

The innovation explained to the Porto Protocol Team – see the video














Mycelium is the network of mushroom roots. This Mycelium acts as a natural glue that can bind a biomass together.

The magic process

We 3D print our reusable moulds with a renewable biopolymer, and we can shred and reprint them over and over again in-house. These moulds are filled with local agricultural waste, a little water and mycelium that binds it all together. We only have to wait for the structure to grow and gain its strength, which takes around a week. Once it’s full-grown and dried, it turns into a structural, stable and renewable product. And: at the end of it’s useful life our products can be used as fertilizer for our surroundings. Just break the product in pieces and let the composting process go on.

This process and mycelium products are Cradle2Cradle Gold certified!



So, what products?

Well, anything is possible. Any shape and size. Also, the look and feel of a product can be tuned to fit your unique needs. We can adjust mass, resilience and surface of the finished product. Contact us for special and custom requests. And/or take a look in our shop.

Krown products are found in interiors, packaging, building and construction.



What are the characteristics:

  • Renewable raw materials. No oil based sources, or products containing toxic elements
  • Limitless available, re-producable in Lab environment
  • Flexible; it can be designed to any specification or desired shape
  • Fire resistant
  • VOC free (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Insulating, both temperature as well as sound
  • Buoyant, did you know that even surf boards can be made?
  • Compostable, making the circle round








18 Fevereiro, 2020