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Monchique Water

Sociedade de Água de Monchique, SA has been exploring the public concession of Monchique Mineral Water since 16 December 1992. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest players in Portugal and its progress to conquer internal and external markets has been remarkable in the past 4 years.

The manufacturing and logistics facilities are located in Caldas de Monchique, Algarve, Portugal, in a protected area of more than 50 hectares, where the preservation of aquifers is the critical factor to drive sustainable management of the environment.

Since its association with the Porto Protocol initiative, the company has done very significant progress to alleviate environmental footprint of its activities becoming more efficient in terms of sustainability.

1. The company replaced its 2 inefficient old trucks, one complying with the EURO 2 standard and the other with the EURO 3, with two new more efficient ones that comply with the latest European standard for vehicle gas emissions the EURO 6. Please, check the graph below to better understand the reduction in emissions we have achieved with this move.

Source: Transport Resources International Limited

2. Monchique Water Company started the path to electric mobility by replacing one of its fuel moved car by a 100% electric car, so zero percent gas emissions and making available in the area a    Super Charger for all people to charge their own electric cars;

3. Replaced an old air-compressor by a 40% more efficient one;

4. Reduced plastic foil on pallets by 15%;

5. Replaced the use of all standard white paper with recycled one and, at the same time, made printing more restricted;

6. The Company has some active policies concerning the environment that involves all the team. All Monchique members planted 90 new trees helping to recover the Monchique eco-system which was damaged by the huge fires that devastated the area last august.

The company will keep doing more every day and have already very ambitious strategic plans to reduce environmental footprint contributing, day by day, for a more ecological and sustainable business.

by Cristina Loureiro

Monchique Water


Alleviate Environmental Carbon Footprint


17 Janeiro, 2019

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