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REBORN – The smart cycle


This solution helps businesses reduce their carbon emissions by proposing products made from recycled materials. The process begins with the collection of industrial and logistical plastic waste. We install a baling press and teach the local team to sort it at source. Then the plastic waste goes through a recycling process in the recycling plant of our partner in Portugal. We then transform the recycled material into premium direct consumer packaging.

One example of these closed-loop packaging could be the plastic hood that it used during glass pallets shipments. The film around the pallet, once used, can be compacted, collected, recycled and transformed again into new recycled plastic hoods.


STARTING DATE: _7_/___1_/__2021            ENDING DATE: on going



Our mission is to help businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by proposing solutions made from recycled materials. By 2025 Reborn has committed to produce at least 80% of its products from recycled materials, and to recycle 35,000T of LDPE. These commitments can be found in the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy, signed by Reborn in 2017.


Carlsberg Europe, CCEP Europe


Reborn® has 58 years of polyethylene experience and is a pioneer in the European plastics circular economy. We choose to call ourselves reborn® to symbolize our transformation to a company that takes responsible choices for shared society.

Becoming reborn®, may be a long and arduous path but it’s the right thing to do. Thanks to our knowledge and strong investment in laboratory research and development, we are now able to offer a simple solution to all companies looking to transition to the circular economy and avoid further oil drilling.


We realized the need to change our means of consumption and production, considering the limited resources available and the lifespan of our products, and act as a solution for those who take responsible choices in their business strategy.

We believe that one resource should have many lives!

We are now able to offer a simple solution to all companies looking to transition to a circular economy and avoid further oil drilling.



Many companies have already started looking for recycling solutions for their plastic wastes and sustainable packaging to offer to their consumers minimizing their impact on the environment. We are ready to work closely with each one of them offering our expertise and solutions, moving together to a circular economy.


Collection of industrial and logistical waste

Installation of a baling press

Teaching on sorting at source with the teams


Mechanical recycling of waste in our Portuguese and French factories


Transformation of the recycled material into premium direct consumer products

 What are the benefits for the industry ?

  • Choosing recycled-made packaging represents 50% less of carbon emissions
  • Having a direct recycling solution for your waste is having a sustainable solution for your production waste .
  • At an economic level we guarantee a fair market value.

How we do it ?

  • We sort, collect and test all the polyethylene waste.
  • After that, the material goes through a recycling process of decontamination and transformation into granules with which we manufacture brand new packaging solutions.


We managed to gain the confidence of international brands and to develop new sustainable products with them.

We can offer packaging solutions made with up to 100 % recycled plastic. Every day in our production sites and laboratories, we reach new goals and find new solutions to offer to our customers.


Circular economy is possible and industries are ready to accept the challenge.


  • Help more industrials to join a circular approach and economy and therefore minimize their impact on the environment.
  • Alert companies to the importance of having a sustainable waste management and to integrate more recycled materials in their products.


Our objective is to extend our services to all companies that wish to find sustainable solutions for their packaging and more broadly their plastics.







27 Janeiro, 2021

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