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Reforestation – 2017

Development Area: Reforestation


In 2017 the direction board of Officetotal had decided to turn the company in an environmental friendly one. We assumed a major goal to diminish our environmental footprint to zero until 2020.

The reforestation of 180 thousand square meters on Peneda-Gerês mountain was the first step.


That project will provide two opportunities, both to help us achieve our major goal and also as a source of income for the villagers near the site. First those planted trees will be able to sequester carbon and that way to reduce our ecological footprint. Second this grove will be a source of income to the villagers once that the fruit will be all collected and managed by the local community.


Before the final decision of the tree species that better fit the terrain several points were analysed. That analyses had in mind the ecological microclimate, the hability to resist to fires, the carbon sequester capacity and the generated fruit. We understand that is essential that the local community is involved with the project and that can directly beneficiate from it. That way, being an economical resource, the villagers commitment to the project will improve. After all that analyses we decided to plant four varieties of Chestnut trees.

In total there were planted 1500 Chestnut trees which is foreseen to sequester more than 250 tons of CO2 during the next 20 years. There was not made the study of the economical return of the fruit to the local community however it is expected to bring a return higher than 200 thousand euros during the next 20 years.


It is expectable that the project keep given fruits and sequester carbon for a much longer time than 20 years. However the project was thought based on that time period.

That project has a very long return on investment since we do not assume the fruit profitability and taking account the current carbon price of 13€/ton.


Nevertheless we believe that this a big opportunity for us to achieve most important goals than just the profits. Not all the projects can just be seen by their economic profitability.

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