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SAMSYS and Solar Panels

The electricity is one of the basic needs for our work at Samys, but we are conscious of the impact of an excessive energy consumption on the environment. Indeed, the main responsible for the production of greenhouse gases is energy, followed by the devastating deforestation.

Conscious of its impact, we began to equate investing in renewable energies, such as solar panels that generate heat and electricity for self-consumption which would bring long-term advantages equally on a financial level and on invoice paper savings.

Thus, we are aware of the fact that we are helping to protect the environment while keeping it clean since noxious gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and mercury aren’t released to the atmosphere.

After concluding that solar panels don’t pollute the air and they are also a profitable resource, we don’t hesitate on making an investment and we are currently committed to make that decision a reality.

According to a study conducted in 2017, the return of the investment would cover its price in only 5 years.

Besides this initiative, others related to recycling are being implemented, saving water and other resources. These actions fit within the scope of Samsy’s social responsibility which is applied since the beginning of the project. Our new installations’ biggest advantage has to do with the fact that our building is glazed, which allows a bigger natural light passage. Hence, there is no need to increase the light power on the company which adds to the resources’ saving.


by Cristina Loureiro



Solar Panels


9 Agosto, 2019

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