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Saurea – Solar Motor

SAUREA’s motor is a total disruptive technology, rewarded by 6 innovation awards and covered by 5 patents.

We propose the first self-switched solar motor, running WITH the sun, producing no electricity BUT converting directly solar energy into mechanical energy, that allows to drive different rotating machines, requesting low mechanical power.


The SAUREA motor can be used for different applications





Its main advantage is its simple conception.

SAUREA’s solar motor is operating with 2 or 3 solar panels, needs no electronics (no converter, no battery) and presents no wear parts, that gives it an estimated period of 20 years without maintenance, and then without any operating cost !

Then, it is definitely adapted to energetically isolated sites, to energy-cost reduction in urban or rural areas, or to management of post-disaster / post-conflict situations.

Today, we commercialize the model MPA100, supplying a power of 130 Watt mechanical that allows to drive various technologies of pumps, fans, air extraction turbines, water brewing systems, etc….


Both other models, 40 and 250 watt mechanical power, will be commercialized soon.

We propose our motor alone or the kit with connected solar panels, that allows each one to make his own adaptations locally.

If needed, we can propose complete motorized systems (with pump, fan, air extraction turbine, etc…) on specific studies.


Do not hesitate to let us know more about your possible projects, with technical details if you have some, so that we can analyse the solution the most adapted to your needs.


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And review SAUREA presentation from our local TV France 3 Burgundy (you can select with sub-titles in English)






14 Fevereiro, 2020