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GARÇON WINES – A flat wine bottle, made of recycled plastics

Wine Packaging for a Sustainable 21st Century World

Traditional round, glass wine bottles have remained relatively unchanged for the past two centuries. These bottles are fragile, heavy and spatially inefficient; they are no longer fit for purpose in a world that’s facing a climate crisis.

One Californian study shows that 51% of a bottle of wine’s carbon footprint results from packaging and transport.1 Garçon Wines’ solution is eco, flat wine bottles that are made of 100% pre-existing PET plastic, not single-use plastic, creating a demand for plastic that’s already in circulation, helping to mitigate against it ending up as waste in landfill or litter in our environment. The lightweight, sustainable material, coupled with the innovative, slimline shape, means the bottles are 87% lighter and 40% spatially smaller than round, glass bottles of the same full-size volume. If you were to extrapolate figures from a wine bottle light-weighting study by WRAP, there could be savings of more than 500 grams of CO2 emissions per bottle. Importantly, the bottles look beautiful on a dining table, paying respect to the heritage and tradition of the wine industry and connecting with the consumers on an emotional level.

Garçon Wines also recognised that current wine transit cases are ineffective, resulting in unnecessarily costly logistics, excessive packaging, wasted resources and a grotesque carbon footprint.

Garçon Wines created a 10 flat bottle case that further amplifies the benefits of their eco-friendly bottles. By standing 8 bottles vertically and lying 2 bottles in the neck space of the 8 vertical bottles, almost all airspace is eliminated and 10 flat bottles fit into a space that would normally fit approximately just 4 round, glass bottles of the same volume. This saving allows 2.3 times more wine to be stored on a pallet and subsequently reduces CO2 emissions and logistic costs by around 60%.

The company and its innovative, sustainable wine packaging has been covered positively in close to 550 articles worldwide, and has won or been shortlisted for 28 awards for innovation, sustainability, packaging and design.


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Garçon Wines




10 Janeiro, 2020

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