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XLRecycling – Recovery Solution for your Plastic Films

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XL recycling offers a high value-added recovery solution for your plastic films: implementation of balers, attractive valorization and recycling in Europe with reintegration in premium packaging.

XL Recycling is now a European recycler certified according to EuCertPlast standards.



This certification body, funded by the European Commission, sets high standards for quality, traceability and environmental impact for plastics recyclers to determine better recycling practices.


Our solutions

As an expert in polyethylene film recycling, XL Recycling provides solutions to optimize its recovery, from your production lines, to its transformation in our plants.


Your waste circuit in the XL Recycling loop


Our approach


Sorting at source

Sorting waste directly on the production site is at the heart of the efforts needed for better recycling, it allows a greater valorization and reduces treatment costs for a higher buying price.

XL Recycling supports you with the training of your staff.

Reducing as much as you can the labeling of your plastics will ease their recycling afterwards.

Storage Optimization

Thanks to our partners, we select and install the right equipment to press your plastic wastes. They are selected in accordance with your waste production, type and volume, and the space available on site.

  • European certified high quality balers
  • Half a day support for the set-up of the machines
  • Up to 4 times more storage in the same space thanks to a better compaction of bales weighing up to 500 kg
  • Significant transport and space optimization : Easy pickup management

Ask directly for a pick-up through our logistic platform Regescan and receive offers from various recyclers.

  • One unique account for plastic purchase and waste collection
  • All your administrative and operational documents centralized in one single place
  • Removal of waste within 5 working days


Transport Optimization

We look for the best options to ship your material at a fair price.

We work with a network of carriers and recyclers all around Europe to minimize the cost and environmental impact of the material transport.







18 Fevereiro, 2020