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Jordão – Zero Plastic Cups

Development Area: Reduce waste

“ZERO PLASTIC CUPS” was born within the scope of JORDAO’s programme COOL IDEAS, which aims to stimulate the active participation of all employees in the continuous improvement of the organization.

This programme welcomes spontaneous suggestions about the company’s various processes, throughout all its sectors, which, once implemented, contribute to the organization’s efficiency. Since 2014, when the programme started, more than 150 Ideas have already been implemented.

At the end of 2017 the Cool Idea “Zero Plastic Cups” was proposed.

The suggestion consisted in eliminating plastic cups from water dispensers and started from observing the number of cups collected daily for recycling. For them to be substituted, it was suggested that the company give each employee an individual and lasting cup.

This initiative had clear objectives:
• Reduce/eliminate plastic waste
• Reduce costs associated with disposable items
• Strengthen the commitment of the company and its employees to environmental sustainability.

This is how the Cool Mug was born.

Results: We eliminated the annual consumption of 57,500 plastic cups.



José Júlio Jordão


Reduce Waste


13 Novembro, 2018



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