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Climate Change Leadership

Presentations of all the speakers present at the 2019 Conference

Climate Change Leadership
Solutions For The Wine Industry Conference

Wine is one of the only branded agricultural activities that exists in the world. The industry strongly supports and sustains rural communities and landscapes and is extremelly vulnerable to Climate Change.

The world of wine gathered in Porto in 2018 and in March 2019 to discuss and offer solutions to mitigate climate change. World leaders of the industry took to the stage to share best practices from the vineyard to the consumer. Experts and authorities in their fields, conference speakers updated delegates on the latest scientific findings, focusing on applied solutions from both within the wine industry and other areas.

Climate Change Leadership summit will once again take place in Porto in the Spring of 2021. Stay tuned for more on this key event and discover below the presentations of our speakers at 2019 CCL summit – Solutions for the Wine Industry

Solutions For The Wine Industry Conference  – March 7th

Presentation from Prof. Álvaro Costa

Associação Comercial do Porto

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Presentation from Prof. Pau Roca

International Organisation of Vine and Wine

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Session 1 – Winery Responses to Climate Change

Presentation from Miguel Torres

Família Torres

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Presentation from Cristina Mariani-May

CEO of Banfi Vintners and Castello Banfi

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Session 2 – Vineyard Responses Around The World

Presentation from Kimberly Nicholas

Professor of Sustainability Science at Lund University

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Presentation from António Graça

Director of Research and Development at Sogrape Vinhos

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Presentation from Gerard Casaubon

Director of Research and Development at Vina Concha Y Toro

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Session 4 – Wineries of The Future

Presentation from Roger Boulton

Department of Viticulture and Enology at UCDavis

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Session 5 – Vineyard Developments

Presentation from Francisco Lopez

Agronomist at Uvasdoce

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Presentation from Gilles Descôtes

Chef de Caves at BOLLINGER

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Presentation from José Vouillamoz

Leading authority on grape varieties through DNA profiling

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Presentation from Alejandro Fuentes Espinoza

Head of Viticulture Commission

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Session 6 – A Report from Adviclim

Presentation from Carlos Miranda

Department of Agrarian Production at University of Navarra

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Presentation from Chris Foss

CV Manager of the Wine Division at Plumpton College

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Presentation from Jöel Rochard

National Sustainable Development Expert at IFV

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Session 7 – Water Management

Presentation from André Roux

Department of Agriculture at Western Cape

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Presentation from Linda Johnson-Bell

Wine author, jury member, speaker and consultant

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Presentation from Pancho Campo

CEO Chrand

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Session 8 – Energy Issues

Presentation from Katie Jackson

Vice President of Sustainability at Jackson Family Wines

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Presentation from Cyril Penn

Editor in Chief of Wine Business Monthly

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Session 9 – Sustainability, Biodiversity & Soil Management

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Presentation from Olga Barbosa

President of the Chilean Ecological Society

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Presentation from Heinrich Schloms

Soil Scientist for VinPro

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Presentation from Gérard Bertrand

President and CEO of Gerard Bertrand Wines

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Presentation from João Barroso

Wines of Alentejo

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Session 10 – Packaging & Transportation

Presentation from Tiago Moreira da Silva

CMO of BA Vidros

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Presentation from Pierre Corvisier

Director of New Services at JF Hillebrand Group

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Presentation from Vicente Sanchez-Migallón

Founder of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition

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Presentation from Kim Carstensen

Director General of FSC international

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Presentation from Jane Muncke

Food Packaging Forum Foundation

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Session 11 – Efficiency & Economics – Call to Action

Presentation from Robert Swaak

Global Relationship Partner PWC

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Presentation from Stephen Rannekleiv

Global Strategist for Beverages at Rabobank

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Presentation from Mike Veseth

Author and The Wine Economist Editor

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Conference 2019

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Conference 2019

6th March – Day 2

Conference 2019

7th March – Day 3

Porto Summit 2019

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Climate Change Leadership 2019

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