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Climate Talks

Climate Smart Wineries

The next Climate Talk will be dedicated to share different practices that contribute to make a winery more efficient and less impactful from an environmental point of view, exploring topics such as the choice of building materials, solar exposure, management of energy and water resources and minimizing waste production. 

As usual, we will have the pleasure of having three excellent guests, who will share several of their experiences, from the construction of a LEED building and the respective challenges behind its certification, to the use of building materials (hemp) as a smart solution for a winery, to the balance as a whole between efficiency, environment and quality in wine production.


MAY 2022

9am UTC

The topics

  • tbc



University of Melbourne

Wendy Cameron is an experienced winemaker who commenced her career working in her parent’s family winery in North East Victoria before joining Brown Family Wine Group. There she spent the next 17 years, initially as a hands-on winemaker but then became Head of Winemaking where she had responsibility for the vineyards and wineries in Victoria and Tasmania and the development and production of their diverse range of grape varieties and wine styles.

Wendy has been a committee member of the Australian Society Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO) and was awarded the inaugural ASVO Winemaker of the Year Award in 2012 and was made a Fellow of the ASVO in 2020.

Wendy became a Master of Wine in 2015 and has recently submitted her PhD “Effect of temperature on grapevine phenology” which she did at The University of Melbourne.


Robert Eden


Chateau Maris

Robert has lived in France since 1994 and has traveled to Australia, Italy, Spain and California visiting and working in various wine regions before settling in France. He is extremely committed to helping preserve the environment, always looking for harmony between production, taste and needs of the market.

From the start Robert has shown himself to be a visionary and a pioneer in sustainability in the region. Chateau Maris was the first biodynamic certified winery in the appellation, the first Bcorps certified winery in Europe and has the only cellar in the work made of hemp bricks. The building is entirely Bio-degradable and energy sufficient. Château Maris has been named “one of the most environmentally friendly wineries in the world”, thanks to Robert’s leadership.


Victoria Gonzalez Byass


Gonzalez Byass

Victoria Gonzalez- Gordon, 5th generation family member, have been international marketing manager for Gonzalez Byass wines and spirits since 2014, now recently named Chief Sustainability Officer.


Hugo Azevedo



Hugo is a Civil Engineer working at Symington Family Estates, as a Senior Project & Facilities Manager. At this time, he is the Project Manager on the construction of our new Winery at Quinta do Ataíde that we are working to certifie it as a LEED Gold project in addition Her main responsible for the Facilities Management on the company.



Sion Barnsley


Lawson’s Dry Hills

Sion is General Manager and a shareholder of Lawson’s Dry Hills, one of Marlborough’s most established wine producers.
Throughout his almost 20-year tenure, Sion has worked towards a more sustainable path for the company’s wine production. His philosophy has been to take a more holistic approach and invest in the internationally recognised ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard, for which the company was certified back in 2011.
Under Sion’s guidance, in February 2021, Lawson’s Dry Hills became a Toitu carbon zero certified organisation having measured, managed and mitigated their operational emissions including business travel, electricity, vehicles and office in accordance with ISO14064 and the GHG Protocol.
Lawson’s Dry Hills is currently the only New Zealand wine producer to hold both accreditations.