Environmental Waves


The Nature-based Solutions uses nature and known natural processes to help provide viable solutions to protect the environment such as in the wastewater treatment. The Waves Floating System fits perfectly as a solution that uses the knowledge of nature and its processes to treat wastewater in a perfectly natural way. The Waves Floating System is not a conventional Constructed Wetland, it is an extremely innovative solution since it does not require soil. The plants float above the effluent, thereby achieving a high area of contact of the roots with water, reducing the flow velocity and increasing the yield of the treatment. In the warmer months there have been blooms of algae in rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, reservoirs or dams, more frequently and with an ever greater extent. Whenever a bloom of algae occurs, we will also have the presence of cyanobacteria in lesser or greater concentration. There are several species of cyanobacteria, being extremely toxic and others non-toxic. Environmental Waves offers ultrasonic solutions, an environmentally friendly technology that achieves up to 90% reduction in existing algae bloom and inhibits the growth of new ones. The equipment is easy to install and operate, the electrical consumptions are insignificant.


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