Greenskin Wine

Greenskin Wine is Australia's first 100% recyclable, resealable, glassless way to enjoy quality wine, absolutely anywhere.


Sustainability is critical to us. Each pouch is 100% recyclable. Greenskin Wine also offers a wine industry-first free, easy recycling system with a postage-paid satchel included in each 6-pack for consumers to place their empties in and drop into any post box to be returned directly to our recycling partner REDCycle. Every part of the pouch (and satchel) is 100% recycled.

Greenskin Wine is a more sustainable and practical way for Australians to drink great quality wine, particularly for those enjoying outdoor pursuits.

Greenskin Wine is Australia’s first fine wine packaged into a 750ml soft pouch that’s lightweight, compact, unbreakable, easy to transport and completely recyclable.


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