Lanchester Wines

We believe every business has a duty of care to minimise its impact on the environment, which is why Lanchester Wines has worked tirelessly over the last decade to ensure sustainability is at our core. there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to sustainability and so we’ve invested considerably to identify which changes we can make to lessen our effect on our planet.

Our business’ greatest opportunity to make a change is through minimising our reliance on fossil fuels. As such, we’ve invested over £13million in renewable heat and energy generation at our sites across the North of England and today our business is powered almost completely by renewable wind and solar energy.


Lanchester Wines is an established wine merchant and producer with a passion for quality, heartfelt service and pushing wine beyond its current frontiers.

Priding itself on an excellent range of wines coupled with heartfelt, personal service, Lanchester Wines is an established pioneer across every element of wine supply. Proudly traditional in its dedication to quality yet refreshingly modern in approach, Lanchester Wines is poised to cater for the most innovative, ambitious or intricate of wine supply challenges. Its spearheading initiatives include the establishment of Greencroft Bottling in 2008 and the UK wine trade’s first major sustainable energy generation program, which has been an ongoing focus since 2010.

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