Super Bock Arena


A stunning venue at the heart of Porto, able to host all kind of events, with fantastic and truly unique views over the city.

This distinctive venue was originally created by Thomas Dillen Jones, modelled on the Crystal Palace of London.  The first building, built between 1861 and 1865, was designed for the International Exhibition of Oporto. It was then reconstructed in 1951 to host the 1952 Roller Hockey World Championship.

The venue is surrounded by beautiful, English romantic gardens, designed by Émile David, a German landscape architect, in the 1860s. It is filled with exotic trees, shrubs, lakes, towers, picturesque paths and fountains. The park provides the best views of Porto, across the Douro, with a unique perspective of Porto’s stunning landscape and history.

A programme of complete remodeling and redesign is currently underway to turn this into a modern, flexible, state of the art venue, capable of hosting a wide variety of event of all types and sizes. It includes full venue refurbishment and a 20 years operating rights assigned to Círculo de Cristal S.A.

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