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We support the leadership of companies in matters of climate change

Adrian Bridge

CEO Taylor's and Leader of The Porto Protocol

``I would urge you all to support this important initiative in any way you can so that together we can make a difference in tackling climate change and its growing impact on our everyday lives.``


Ricardo Eiras

Scientist, Living Planit

``Global sustainability is now the only avenue to future progress. Porto Protocol for climate change is a great step towards sustainable goals and it's a great pleasure for Living PlanIT to be part of this initiative.``


Jennifer Reichardt

Winemaker, Raft Wines

``I am so thrilled to become a member. As a winemaker, I am choosing to source from organic vineyards, buy glass bottles made in California to lessen my footprint, and use fully recyclable and renewable corks. Thank you for the incredible work you are doing!``


Miguel Velez

CEO and Founder Unlock Hotels

``Every dream begins somewhere in someone’s mind and heart. It is the passion, the strength of thoughtful and committed citizens that can really change the world. The Porto Protocol is the starting point of action and solutions to assure a better world.``


James Mayor

Writer, Founder Grape Discoveries

``I am extremely excited to become a member of the Porto Protocol. As a curator of wine tourism in the Douro Valley, I am looking forward to supporting your terrific initiative. We will all benefit from the vision, energy and practical approach to sustainability of the Porto Protocol.``


Diogo Freitas

Sales Director Officetotal Food Brands, Lda

``We are very proud to be founding member of that great initiative. Our aim is to rebuild a new business model capable of generate positive externatilities to the environmental and the society. You can count with us.``


Ted Lemon

Proprietor, Littorai Wines

“The Porto-Protocol starts with the most basic and attainable goal for each of us as member companies: do more to mitigate climate change. From there it falls to each company to recognize that our positions of privilege in society imply a moral imperative that we lead the change towards a healthier relationship with our planet. Thank you Porto Protocol for bringing us together on this essential journey.”


João Thomaz

Amplified Creations, Lda

``Amplified Creations is honoured to be a founding member of The Porto Protocol and participate in this endeavour towards a more ecological and sustainable future. Since our beginnings we have strived for more efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly procedures, products and services, supported with state-of-the-art science and technology to reduce our impact on climate change.``


José Leitão


“Climate change is a world-challenging reality. We all must be aware of the need to act right now. APCER has the honour to be one of the founding members of The Porto Protocol and will be committed in a constant search for the best solutions to deal with this threat.``


Sylvia Petz

Managing Partner, Havel & Petz

``Being a proud member of the Porto Protocol enables us to contribute on a larger scale to the Sustainable Development Goals on behalf of the wine and food business. It helps us to support and communicate with Austria’s and Germany’s winemakers on their path to sustainability.``


Rui Ferreira

Director Geral do SEA LIFE Porto

``SEA LIFE Porto is in a unique position to not only act as a business to make the world a better place but to educate the grown-ups of tomorrow to not repeat the same mistakes of previous generations. It's therefore a pleasure to be a founding member of The Porto Protocol and be able to spread the word on a daily basis.``


Michael Goess-Enzenberg

Chairman of respekt-BIODYN & owner of Manincor Winery

``As a group of biodynamic vintners it is one of our principles to live, work and produce in a sustainable and ecofriendly way. We are proud to stand by the Porto Protocol to help to change climate again for our future generations.``


Vítor Gonçalves

CEO Sociedade Água de Monchique

``It´s a privilege for our Company to be Founding Member of The Porto Protocol and join this amazing vision towards a more ecological and sustainable business. It's our commitment every day to find more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to our business. Only environmentally responsible companies will succeed in the future so we feel it's an obligation to every company to join this green movement to leave a more sustainable and clean planet to future generations.``


Isabel da Cruz

Pres. of Universidade Católica Portuguesa

“Climate change is already part of our lives, generating serious social challenges that can hardly be controlled. The Universidade Católica Portuguesa, a founding member of The Porto Protocol, is strongly committed to the challenges posed by climate change and believes that our joint efforts of experience and science will contribute to the development of new solutions.``


António Loureiro

Chefe Restaurante A Cozinha

``Sustainability is sharing experiences and learning from each other. Being a part of The Porto Protocol platform is a way to show the world our commitment and day-to-day effort towards sustainable development. Being a Michelin start restaurant and winner of the 2018 International Green Key Good Practices award, our responsibility is even greater to our clients, both at a local and global level. ``


Robert Dickinson

President of Argos Analytics, LLC

``Climate change can no longer be dismissed as a far distant threat - it is a current reality and vineyards around the world are showing visible signs of that. It's critical that we take decisive action to reduce carbon emissions in order to limit the degree of future warming, and all of its consequences, and to prepare to adapt to those that can no longer be avoided. The Porto Protocol is an important step in that direction.``


A. Fontainhas

CEO Adega de Monção

``Climate Change is real and we are committed to minimizing our impact on the planet. We have already started to implement measures to reduce our impact on the planet, for instance our line of production now uses hot water that is supplied by solar panels and we’re starting to build a photovoltaic power plant that produces 75kWh.``


Alberto Weisser

Owner of Herdade de Coelheiros

“As a proud member of the Porto Protocol, Herdade de Coelheiros is committed to continue the long-term goal of being an example of sustainability and development in the Alentejo through the preservation of biodiversity, reduction of water consumption, significant increase renewable energy, lighter bottles and minimum chemical usage. As wine growers, we are honoured to be part of this initiative which will impact generations to come.”


Ricardo Barrelas

CEO Digital Terroirs

``It’s an honor to be part of The Porto Protocol in a global effort to minimize the impact of climate change. At Digital Terroirs, we not only implemented working processes that need fewer resources but we are also encouraging our clients to adopt environmentally friendly practices.``


Emília Simões

CEO Last2Ticket

``It’s a privilege to be a founding member of this great initiative. The Porto Protocol is an incredibly important and inspirational sustainability initiative that shines a light on the thinkers and doers. The most important step we can take is to be truly committed to make change happen. So, let's do it and contribute for a better future.``

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