Wine producers excel in the art of winemaking, not packaging. However, in light of environmental concerns and the urgency of the climate crisis, it’s crucial to reassess packaging due to its significant impact on the carbon footprint of wine production.

Packaging in the wine industry is multifaceted, extending far beyond producers’ choice of containers. Numerous factors come into play, such as transportation distances, the origin and destination markets of packaging components, recycling rates in target markets, closures, gift packaging, and the sourcing of outer cartons, among others.

Why do a workshop on wine Packaging??

The idea behind this workshop is to communicate our vision and ethos. We are convinced that the best way to encourage a new way of thinking is while having some fun. That is why this workshop will give you the chance to have a bit of fun while changing the way you assess the bottles of wine commonly found on wine store shelves! We, the consumers, have the power to change things! Let’s seize it!

Who is this workshop designed for?

This 2 session workshop (90-minute each) workshop is designed for members of the Porto Protocol and Slow Wine Coalition wishing to learn more about the environmental credentials of all categories of packaging in wine.

Both sessions will be conducted by the Porto Protocol Team, Marta Mendonça and Cristina Crava. In each session, they will invite 2 guests to present their views and experience on one of the solutions showcased.

What does the workshop involve?

This workshop will not only explore the complexities of wine packaging but will also feature various guest speakers who will enrich the discussion by sharing their experiences and expertise in the field. We will delve into various packaging options—primary, secondary, and tertiary—and evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of each solution.


MAY 6th

SESSION I – Understanding and addressing the environmental impact of wine packaging 


May 13th

SESSION II  – Collaborative Session on challenges solutions and future opportunities – the producer’s perspective 


May 14th

SESSION II  – Collaborative Session on challenges solutions and future opportunities – the trade perspective 

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