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WEBINAR: Edie’s Earth Overshoot Day


edie’s webinar exploring the circular economy to mark Earth Overshoot Day 2020 is now available to watch on-demand, featuring expert speakers from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, DS Smith and Toast Ale.


Earth Overshoot Day has been marked since the 1970s and is held to mark the calendar date at which humanity will have used up nature’s resource budget for the entire year.

2020 sees the date move back for the first time since 1971, after the earliest ever Earth Overshoot Day was observed on 29 July 2019. But this is due to the economic impact of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic rather than any radically transformational and holistic approaches from policymakers and businesses.

Given that any reduction in emissions or resource consumption which comes at the expense of human life and wellbeing, affecting those from the most marginalised demographics most profoundly, cannot be considered sustainable in the long-term, this webinar asked: How is the pandemic likely to affect the decoupling of economic growth from negative environmental impact? And what work must be done to make all sectors – even those which are the most ecologically impactful – one-planet compatible for good?

Location: Online
Date: 2 September, 2020
Duration: 1 Day

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