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Solutions for the Wine Industry

Conference 5th-7th March 2019 - Porto, Portugal
Climate Change Leadership Porto - Wine Industry 2019

Held on 5th-7th March 2019 in Porto, the second conference on behalf Climate Change Leadership focused on the impacts and challenges of climate change for the wine industry,.


Final presentations of all the speakers present at the conference:



This summit enabled all elements of the wine industry to work in concert in developing a safe and sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions. In working together to accomplish this in Porto, we seek to unite the industry by demonstrating our global leadership.


Conference speakers are experts and authorities in their fields, and updated delegates on the latest scientific findings focusing upon applied solutions coming from both within the industry and without.

More information about speakers:

Location: Alfândega do Porto, Portugal
Date: 5 March, 2019
Duration: 3 Days

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