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Amado & Almeida Santos

Rigorous and demanding of itself

A team with bases of the past but a forwards-looking to a better implementation of the law and and it's practice.

Amado & Almeida Santos – Sociedade de Advogados, RL is an Office with ambition and opportunity to contribute to society and community in which it operates, offering an advocacy of excellence and accuracy, both professional and of conduct.

A team with  bases of the past  but a forwards-looking to a better implementation of the law and it’s practice.

The A.A.S. is rigorous and demanding of itself . Treats each case as unique, with the utmost attention and study.

Client-oriented and monitoring, A.A.S. intends a sustainable and controlled growth, maintaining the rigor, quality and proximity to the client. Civil law, criminal law, tax law, labour, commercial, public law, family, Litigation, Arbitration.



Rua Almeida Garrett n.º 20/22
2410-512 Leiria

+ 351 244 243 233

Case Study from Amado & Almeida Santos

Small Gestures, big consequences

Since its foundation, Amado & Almeida Santos had on its genesis the concern with the environment. Being a law firm, the behaviors that could be adopted with the goal to contribute to a better environment did not seem many. However, every day we try to be meticulous and improve to avoid waste.

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