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Blue Ocean Watch (BOW)

Educate, Inform, Inspire


Our way of understanding life, love of the vines and wine making as a lifestyle, our wines.

Oceanic research and expeditions. Assimilation of data gathered worldwide from our research and that of other organizations and brainstorming by BOW’s think-tank/creative group to look for solutions and create educational material. Educational programmes, in collaboration with UNESCO, will aim to reach universities and schools in over 190 countries. BOW will engage local communities and news organizations, fostering media relations to amplify local voices as well as our message and that of our sponsors dedicated to ocean and environmental conservation. Our communications team will ensure that worldwide press coverage will accompany every BOW event, ensuring that our footage will receive free distribution in mainstream media and social networks.  Production of TV programmes and documentaries will be sold to broadcasters across the globe.

Promotion of innovation.

Via the BOW platform, students will engage real-time with sampling and measuring instruments on-board ship and dialogue with scientists. Students from every country will be engaged off shore and on shore in subjects including marine research, film production, seamanship, diving, underwater photography and other media studies.


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