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Domaine Laroque d’Antan

Handcrafted wine production

A land free of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

In the small village of Laroque des Arcs on the banks of the Lot, two meanders from Cahors, the domain was born on a land forgotten by men and vines for 150 years.

A white, stony, chalky soil, known as Kimmeridgian (like in Sancerre, like in Chablis).

After soil analysis, we delimited the zones for white and red grape varieties. We wanted to give honor to the forgotten grape varieties of this region of the South West. We have chosen as rootstock the Rupestris du Lot, very much used in the past.

The work of the soil becomes an essential act to maintain the biology, the biodiversity which will allow the roots to plunge in the interstices of the limestone. The rock “solubilized” by the microbes of the soil will give minerality and complexity to the wine.


And our vines bore our first grapes, as if to thank us for this rebirth.


All our attention has been given to the vineyard, the harvest is done by hand in boxes carried quietly by Effraie our donkey.

Emmanuel will vinify and mature these grapes without artifice, with indigenous yeasts, to keep in the wine the spirit of the “place” where the vine grew.

This patient work of a craftsman, from the soil to the vine and from the grape to the wine, is the best testimony we can give of our passion and our dream come true.



Two vintages are the result of this family work:

  • Néphèle based on sauvignon blanc, gris and native grape varieties.
  • Nigrine based on Malbec and forgotten grape varieties.

SCEA de la Terre au vin 215 rue du porche, Laroque des Arcs,

46090 Bellefont La Rauze



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