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My Greenway Tours

Our job is to afford safe and full of memories activities.

We would like that our tours were the highlight of the visits of our country. We would like, also, that you could share with your family and friends everything that you’ve experienced / lived here, in Portugal, in order to strongly advise us

My Greenway Tours is a personal project of a mountain guide with over 20 years of experience and living in an environment that for many people is just a “tourist spot”.

Thanks to the experience in traveling and connecting with other cultures, we are aware of the needs of those who visit us and want to have contact with the habits of local life, history, flora and fauna (information that can be found dispersed over the internet or in books, sometimes confusing and incomplete) as well as the need to feel integrated in spirit.

Only a nomad, specialized mountain guide and properly certificated can ensure your safety.


Rua Manuel Francisco Araujo, 579 4º Esq.
4425-120 Maia

+ 351 9334205552