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Officetotal Food Brands

Generate positive externatilities to the environment and the society.

We are very proud to be founding member of this great initiative.

We are enthusiastic of biscuits and cakes. Achieving the best product is our goal. Always searching for the best options to improve nutritional values and reduce our environmental footprint.

Since the beginning of our still young life, we tried to find our own path. Being different is not the interesting way but being us though, is the way we chose to be an active company capable of bringing innovation and commitment to our market.

Nowadays we are on the top five biscuits and industrial cakes brands market share in Portugal. Although the sales growth by itself is not our strategy it seems inevitable to be able to achieve other higher commitments with the community and the environmental.

We hope to be able to continue our path with the same major goals that define our company. Those four guide lines are: consumer, employees, environment and society.

A smile of a child eating a biscuit made by us is as important as an healthy long life for that child. And that we can help achieving being a conscious company.


Parque Industrial da Gemieira,
Lote 11, 4990-645 Ponte de Lima
Viana do Castelo, Portugal

+351 258750300

Case Study from Officetotal

Reforestation – 2017

In 2017 the direction board of Officetotal had decided to turn the company in an environmetal friendly one. We assumed a major goal to diminuish our environmental footprint to zero untill 2020. The reforestation of 180 thousand square meters on Peneda-Gerês mountain was the first step.

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