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Quinta de Santiago

A Portuguese Family Owned Winery

Our commitment is to continue to pursue the path of innovation to ensure the sustainability of our business and the world we live in!

The family has owned Quinta do Santiago, located in Monção, since 1899. In 2009, from the determination and passion for wines of the children and grandchildren, the owner grandmother “Mariazinha”, with these three generations of the Santiago family the Quinta Santiago project “boutique winery” was born, combining tradition and knowledge of the older generation to modernity and enthusiasm of the younger generation.

A family project that the three generations of the Santiago family embraced together, combining the tradition and knowledge of the older generation with the modernity and enthusiasm of the younger generation in creating Premium wines that reflected the characteristics of terroir while reflecting faithfully the personality of this fantastic Portuguese variety that it is Alvarinho. For this reason, we focus on a small production of Alvarinho as a state of mind and business idea focused on quality and authenticity. A philosophy that allows knowing and passionately controlling every moment of grape production and wine, each vine, each bottle, ensuring a unique product and carefully created until the packaging. The first harvest (2012) was launched in the market in 2014. Since its inception, Quinta do Santiago – Boutique Winery, reveals an intense connection and a strong commitment to the earth. We pride ourselves in maintaining and replicating the way our ancestors worked, valuing their terroir, respecting nature and reaping nature from the empirical learning of the past, a legacy for future generations – a cultural continuum that goes from generations to generations.

Therefore, we work only with our own grapes, sustainably produced in its 7.5Ha on river pebble alluvial, with vinifications that respects the grape using minimal intervention in the cellar to achieve the maximum expression of the nature. Without makeup. Premium wines, of limited production, truly authentic and with a unique identity, ours.


Rua D. Fernando, 128

Cortes – Monção

4950-542 Mazedo, Portugal

+ 351 917 557 883