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Respekt – Biodyn

A biodynamic association

We seek an open, friendly and professional technical dialogue with like-minded people

respekt-BIODYN is a search for quality in the greatest possible sense. We respects nature, plants, animals and people to the highest degree imaginable. 

respekt-BIODYN was founded to reflect jointly in the group on the principles of biodynamics, and to consistently implement them in viticulture.

respekt-BIODYN is an association of biodynamic winegrowers aiming to produce outstanding wines, expressing the greatest possible individuality. respekt-BIODYN is based in Austria and has twenty-three internationally renowned members from Germany, Italy, Austria & Hungary. The association was founded in 2007 and has committed itself to guidelines that go far beyond organic, subject to examination by independent inspection bodies. In 2019 respekt-BIODYN was awarded the renowned ‘Wine Award for Friends’ by the German magazine Feinschmecker, for its high-quality wines and its enlightened European attitude.

The respekt wine estates: Paul Achs, Judith Beck, Clemens Busch, Steffen & Sophie Christmann, Feiler-Artinger, Fritsch, Martin & Georg Fusser, Manincor, Andeas Gsellmann, Hajszan Neumann, Gernot & Heike Heinrich, Hirsch, Fred Loimer, Anita & Hans Nittnaus, Bernhard Ott, Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer, Claus Preisinger, Ökonomierat Rebholz, Dr. Wehrheim, Weninger, Wieninger, Wittmann, Herbert & Carmen Zillinger. See


» Biodynamics opens new dimensions to working with nature.«

Weingut Karl Fritsch
Schlossbergstraße 9

3470 Oberstockstall, Austria

+ 43 19134274