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Revista de Vinhos – A Essência do Vinho

Wine, gastronomy and lifestyle

A team with bases of the past but a forwards-looking to a better implementation of the law and and it's practice.

Founded in 1989 and bought by the group Essência do Vinho in 2017, is the oldest and most significant wine and gastronomy magazine in Portugal. 12 issues per year, and contents that include articles, news, profiles, interviews, gastronomic reviews (Portugal and other world wine regions). The readers’ segment is A to C, and it attires the wine, gastronomy, and tourism professionals. RV has a total circulation of 30K, 5K print and 4K digital subscriptions, 200K followers on FB and Instagram, more than 205K views on the web portal and a 420K e-news subscribers.

Coverage on wine and all subjects related to wine, gastronomy and some lifestyle (Portugal and other world wine regions).  It presents 3 500 wine reviews per year, which consist of tasting notes and wine rating.  Each issue includes a monthly thematic blind tasting.  Jancis Robinson (UK), Carlos Maribona (SP), J.A. Dias Lopes, Miguel Icassatti (BR), Lisa Granik (USA), Duarte Galvão (PT), Barbara Schroeder and Rolf Bichsel (FR)  are regular contributors. The primary concern of RV is to inform, to educate and to promote a constructive criticism, bringing to the agenda all relevant topics that can contribute to the debate and enhance the wine and gastronomy sectors, creating and distributing high-quality information and showcasing the best practices from all over the world. Fairness, accuracy, transparency are key, as well as a commitment to quality and integrity. Independence and total objectiveness in all fields, mainly the ones related to wine tasting notes and wine ratings as a basis to work out and build a reputation and the way to gain public trust and respect.


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4000-122 Porto, Portugal

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