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Reynolds Wine Growers

Family and history

A wine with family history

Thomas Reynolds, an English seaman and merchant, arrived in Portugal in 1820, attracted by the potential of the wine trade. He settled in the northern town of Porto with his two sons, Thomas and Robert, and from there they supplied their London store with Port Wine. In 1838 they moved to the Spanish old town of Alburquerque, close to Portugal, to start a cork factory. In 1850 Thomas father and son traveled to New Zealand to start a new ventures and never return to Portugal. Robert, the younger son, established in Estremoz, Alentejo to develop with success the cork industry of Portugal where he bought large farms. His sons Robert and John continued farming in the region and dedicated time with passion to produce quality still wines. Several of his descendants today continue farming in the Alentejo and producing wines with the same passion and principles of quality. 
Julian Reynolds, great grandson of Robert Reynolds, is one of them. He uses his great grandfather trade name “Reynolds Wine Growers “with responsibility and pride


Monte Figueira de Cima
7340-112 Arronches, Portugal

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