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Spanwnfoam, Lda.

Working with nature

Combining natural elements: organic and agroforestry residues and an organic adhesive material.

Spawnfoam is a business project for circular economy and it promotes the development of new products and endorses the increase of tradable and international production.

We work in the Biotechnology industry in the materials and consumer goods domains. This Biocomposites solution is a greener and more sustainable alternative to petroleum-based products, because it reduces dependence on fossil fuels and GHG emissions. It is made of organic agroforestry by-products and an organic compound used as the bonding agent. Spawnfoam is a resilient, eco-friendly and cost-effective technology leading the new industrial revolution “cradle to cradle”. Spawnfoam offers a multifaceted and customizable material with endless applications, such as packaging, transplantation pots, or construction materials such as insulation. 



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