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Letter of Principles

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We are calling on companies to demonstrate their leadership on climate action by publicly committing to support The Porto Protocol principles.

Those companies willing to lead the way are invited to participate in the initiatives promoted by Climate Change Leadership Porto, being actively involved with the other members of The Porto Protocol and sharing the same guiding principles.

By joining The Porto Protocol, companies are committed to:

  • Do more than they are doing at the moment
  • Guide their activity by good environmental practices principles
  • Promote these principles which characterize good environmental practices
  • Seek to identify opportunities for cooperation with other Porto Protocol members and with external entities regarding Climate Change
  • Execute projects oriented towards the sustainability of the organization
  • Disseminate good practices and case studies to The Porto Protocol platform
  • Participate in the initiatives promoted by Climate Change Leadership Porto to support The Porto Protocol
  • Publicly report on their development performance
  • Appoint a delegate to manage the relationship with The Porto Protocol



The Porto Protocol commits to:

  • Promote through The Porto Protocol platform the communication and dissemination
    of good practices of its members, as well as of the projects and other initiatives that
    companies are the main road to Climate Change fight
  • With fellow members develop tools to fight climate change, share/dissemination of
    innovative ideas, and then provide access to learning tools, reports and know-how produced
    by official entities
  • Encourage debate and companies to explore new concepts
  • Maintain a close relationship with its members through a regular communication and
    promotion of events
  • Support the leadership of companies in matters of climate change


Start your journey. Become a member of The Porto Protocol and commit to do more by signing a Letter of Principles, here

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