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The appropriate IT tools can provide the help any good businessman needs to start

We're a multi-disciplinary team that strongly believes the appropriate IT tools can provide the help any good businessman needs to start, expand or improve his business.

CoSoftw is one of the pioneer companies in Portugal in the development of operational management software directed to construction companies and project management of architectural and engineering projects. Our main goal is promoting process innovation and digitalization, a fundamental contribution to the development of the ecosystem: Construction 4.0.

CoSoftw results from the synergy between civil engineering and development of software applications. Engineering activities and related techniques; Computer consulting and programming. Research and development of software and computer services. Technical services mobile; virtual assistance; Web portals. Data processing activities, domiciliation information and activities related to information technology and information technology. Training in computer science. Communication, marketing and advertising. Activities of business and management consulting, as well as trade in goods and services in the areas above. Marketing, import, export, representation, rental and repair equipment and consumables.


Rua 5 de Outubro, 185
4100-175 Porto, Portugal

+ 351 226061267

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