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Havel & Petz Og

Consulting for a sustainable wine and food sector

A team with bases of the past but a forwards-looking to a better implementation of the law and and it's practice.

In Hazel & Petz we think celebrating, having fun and sometimes having to be a little more luxurious. On condition that no one suffers and the environment is taken into consideration. This is not so difficult when you know what to look for.

A Green Event is an event designed to save energy and work. Where the food and drink offered is mainly organic, regional and fair. Where there are only reusable dishes and for which travel by public transport is recommended. Where there are no folders to carry the technology is used just right and never oversized. When sustainable waste management is operated and environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used. No illegal work is taboo and work breaks are respected. Where the place is left without rubbish and damage. When the fun is easy, carefree!

This is Havel & Petz policy.


Fillgradergasse 15
1060 Wien

+43 699 11008040

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Let’s Create A Sustainable Future For Generations To Come.