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Pascoal Monteiro, Construções, Lda.

General contractor in building industry

A team with bases of the past but a forwards-looking to a better implementation of the law and and it's practice.

Pascoal Monteiro is a general contractor in building industry. The company’s main activity is the construction, rehabilitation and conversion of buildings, offices and stores.

Pascoal Monteiro is an approved Main Building Contractor, including the authorization to intervene in Monuments and Protected buildings.

Pascoal Monteiro is also accredited by the Portuguese Security Cabinet to intervene in environments classified as Confidential. We have done works for several multinational companies based in Portugal, for more than 40 Embassies in Lisbon and the Portuguese State (Prime minister´s Residence, President´s Residence, Secret Services, Parliament). We have done several works in protected buildings and monuments.


Rua Manuel Ferreira, 17B
2795-229 Linda a Velha

+351 21 41715765

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