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Integrated Design Solutions

Architecture pratice is at the heart of everything we undertake.

From within the practice, together with other specialist teams, we develop fully integrated design solutions. The office is operating solutions that are tailor-made to both site and user.

The evolution and constant changes in customs of living lead to greater challenges which enforce beeing assertive and knowing how to make quick and objective decisions in the multiplicity of demands of the individual and collective. [Architecture]

The conceptual development in the creation or adaptation of interior spaces will be reached when there is a well-founded knowledge of how to build and how to materialize concepts and techniques [Interior Design]

Nowadays the multiplicity of requirements related to buildings behavior requires management of these assets in a continuous and timely basis. While this subject to degradation phenomena may incur into anomalies, we carry out diagnostic, state condition studies and evaluation proposing intervention solutions, always with focus on maintaining the environment by proposing maintenance plans and manuals with regard to the behavior in service of buildings. [Building management and evaluation]


Rua Heróis da Pátria n. 1004, Arcozelo
Vila Nova de Gaia

+ 351 919543586

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