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Cork Supply Portugal, SA

We aim to improve through sustainable forestry

Cork Supply is committed to work in collaboration with the forest owners year-round to ensure that best practices in forest management are used. Together we work to protect and enhance the quality of the raw materials.

Founded by Jochen Michalski in California in 1981, Cork Supply has enjoyed more than three decades of growth, solidifying the company’s leading position in the North American natural cork stopper market. In addition, Cork Supply has established a superior sales and production presence in the major wine producing countries around the world.

Cork Supply began production in Portugal in 1995, and today the company manages four facilities in Portugal that vertically integrate natural cork production from forest to bottle. Raw corkwood is harvested from southern Portugal and Spain, transformed into premium quality natural cork stoppers and high-end technical corks and used to seal some of the world’s finest wines.

Most recently, Cork Supply expanded their commitment to the wine industry by investing in a state-of-the-art facility to produce high-end technical corks This investment fits seamlessly within the company’s philosophy of vertical integration from forest to bottle.

In response to the needs of a rapidly expanding global wine industry, the Group launched Tonnellerie Ô, a California based cooperage that produces high quality French and American oak barrels, Creative Oak, a company also based in California that provides the industry’s finest oak alternatives and Studio Labels, an award-winning Australian label design and printing company.

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