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Mission, Vision & Values


The Foundation intends to be a national reference project for the expansive development of business activity around industrial sustainability, contributing to the decrease of knowledge asymmetries regarding environmental matters within private companies, promoting involvement, co-responsibility and a formal and pro-active commitment.


The Porto Protocol Foundation focuses on the fight against climate change, promoting environmental sustainability, alerting citizens and the business and institutional sectors about impact that their actions may have on the environment and encouraging the development and sharing of individual or collective solutions, which can contribute to minimize climate change and its effects.


a) Dissemination of good practice, projects and initiatives to fight climate change and reduce its impact;
b) Organization of initiatives and actions that promote and motivate the protection of the environment or of the natural heritage;
c) Promotion of environmental protection in order to reduce the impact of climate change;
d) Dissemination of intervention projects and initiatives, of studies within these matters;
e) Design and implementation of environmental programmes;

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