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Reshaping the narrative around waste

And what if by enjoying our favourite drink we could also be contributing for a better world?

Matter is an award-winning manufacturing business that upcycles by-products from the production process of your most beloved products. We create sensory and sustainable panels that pursue new forms of re-purposing waste. Our mission is to create unique experiences, transforming the living environment and demonstrating that recycled waste can be synonymous with uniqueness and state-of-the-art design.

In the wine production process, grapes are separated from the wine stalks – these are considered undervalued, a burden for the companies that generate them and can even pose an environmental threat.

Every harvest millions of tonnes of wine production residues go to landfill, low nutrient composting or are even incinerated. These by-products are raw materials for Matter. We up-cycle them, creating products that mirror their origin – converting negative into positive, waste into value.

Matter produces panels that can be used on wall surfacing, ceilings, furniture or packaging. Our patented innovation has been developed in the past 5 years.

Why are our products special? They are eco-friendly, sensory, they have an intrinsic meaning and tell a story.
Why do we Matter? We value end of life materials, reducing pollution; we reduce costs for companies to deal with their waste or even generate profit for them; we create alternative materials that substitute virgin materials, reducing the depletion of natural resources.
Our wine panels were first presented to public in Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2018.

Our first client was Chanel, that chose Matter to showcase the wines they produce.

We are committed on contributing to the economies that will shape the XXI century: the bio-economy and the circular economy.

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