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Melka Estates & Winery

Philippe & Cherie Melka thrive to be positive stewards of their land thru farming practices and understanding of the community around them.

Founded in 1996 with the drive to create soil specific wines, from different regions, climates and elevation to understand their evolution and our ability to craft vintage specific expressions in each bottle.

Philippe Melka’s career has been influenced by soil. A native of Bordeaux, Melka grew up intrigued by the intricacies of the land around him. Starting with a degree in Geology at the University of Bordeaux and a Master’s degree in Agronomy and Enology.









Cherie Monbleau-Melka earned her degree in Microbiology at Northern Arizona University and pursued Œnology with the passion of winemaking ever since.

26 years later, the couple continues to challenge themsleves in crafting world class wines.




2900 Silverado Trail North

St Helena CA 94574