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Sustainable Packaging



May 7 @ 5pm BST | 9am PDT


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Round Table


This Climate Talk will touch on the element that contributes the most to the carbon footprint of wine and yet one of the less discussed and/or intervened by companies: Packaging. We’ll have a roundtable with various players on the matter discussing what is happening in the industry to address the weight of this elephant in the room.


Marta Mendonça . Porto Protocol . Moderator
Tiago Moreira da Silva . BAGLASS . Portugal
Santiago Navarro . Garçon Wines . UK
Nicolas Quille . Crimson Wine Group . US

Sustainable Packaging in Wine


Nicolas Quillé

Chief Winemaking and Operations Officer at Crimson Wine Group

Nicolas Quille was most recently General Manager and Head Winemaker of Banfi Vintners’ boutique portfolio of wineries in the Northwest U.S. He spent the last 26 years in a variety of winegrowing positions in both France and the United States. In addition to his role with Banfi, his U.S. experience includes winegrowing and management positions with Pacific Rim and Bonny Doon. Prior to moving to the United States, Nicolas worked in Burgundy (Antonin Rodet and Domaine Prieur), Provence (Domaine de la Courtade), Champagne (Laurent Perrier) and Portugal (Taylor’s Port). He holds a master’s degree in Enology from the University of Dijon, Burgundy, a master’s degree in Sparkling Winery Management from the University of Reims, Champagne, an MBA from the University of Washington and is a member of the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine.


Santiago Navarro

Founder & CEO at Garçon Wines

Santiago is a serial entrepreneur. His first venture, Vinopic Wines was an online retailer that was the world’s first to use science to rate and score wines for their intrinsic quality. It was while building this business that Santiago realised that the heavy, fragile and spatially inefficient glass wine bottles of the 19th century were completely unfit for purpose when packaging and shipping wines through complex supply chains. This experience led him to develop a 21st century wine bottle and launch Garçon Wines, which is now globally recognised for introducing eco, flat wine bottles. As CEO and lead co-founder, Santiago is advancing both the wine and packaging industries to be more sustainable through innovative, beautiful, flat bottles and game-changing transit packaging. This innovation not only offers triple bottom line sustainability through being eco-friendly, cost-effective and consumer pleasing but importantly leads the way in slashing the unnecessary emissions and grotesque carbon footprint of the industry to mitigate against the devastating and ongoing effects of the global climate crisis.


Tiago Moreira da Silva

Managing Director at BAGLASS Iberia

Tiago Moreira da Silva built an early experience in Manufacturing management achieving enough skills to feel comfortable in the industrial world. The MBA in the Tepper School of Business made the jump for the commercial part of business possible, he did take several responsibilities through marketing and sales of very different industries. This experience enabled him to create, develop and manage a complete commercial team within the glass container business. Recently, he took over the managing director position for the Iberia Division of BA Glass. Tiago is also a member for the continuous sustainability program of BA Glass.


Marta Mendonça

Manager at The Porto Protocol Foundation

Marta built most of her career in Marketing & Sales, having worked with various brands, countries, industries and companies. Before joining Porto Protocol, Marta was dedicated to her own brand and consultancy project, taking sustainability and climate advocacy to schools, events and companies.