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TRIGGER SYSTEMS – The first autonomous predictive irrigation system

Control your irrigation system easily, save resources and increase yield.

Our system:

  1. Increases irrigation system efficiency by using processed data originally collected in the farm , mathematical modelling , satellite imagery and video monitoring.
  2. Our irrigation recommendation is sended directly to our versatile and advanced actuation equipment.
  3. It monitors and indentifies malfunctions , leaks and inefficiencies.
  4. Eases the management and reduces costs.

The efficiency is what makes it unique:

  • Autonomous decision system
  • Adapted to all irrigation systems .
  • Adapted to all crops and orographic conditions
  • Video processing and real time transmission
  • Intregration of powerful equipment and of the shelf sensors .
  • Monitoring data processing and actuation
  • Advanced features of report


Our goal is to create sustainable solutions:

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Decrease energy use
  • Produce food more sustainably
  • Reduce field visits and reduce CO 2 emissions
  • Promote the use of renewable energies



Trigger Systems


The first autonomous predictive irrigation system


3 Março, 2020

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