We are a consulting company with over 30 years of field experience in the area of sustainability and we encourage producers to produce without pesticides by promoting the health of not only the soil but also the plant.

We are based in a hot and dry region, with frequent heat waves and little annual precipitation, usually concentrated during the cooler months. In monitoring some vine performance indicators, we realized that the resilience of plants to extreme climatic phenomena is closely related to the quality and nutritional balance of the crop and to the health of the soil.

Since then, we have been taking a more holistic approach by focusing our process on the soil quality. This led us to the following question – “If in 1 acre we only use 1/3 of the cash crop area, how will we take advantage of the other 2/3 of the area in order to improve soil health and mitigate the effect of climate change on our vineyard?”

What we come to propose is, therefore, the eco-intensification of the entire ecosystem, from covercrop to cashcrop and the whole environment around, making use of precision viticulture tools to improve our management efficiency.

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