Full Glass Research

We are a source of customized market and economic research and advice, for all types of flavor-driven or artisanal foods and beverages.


Full Glass Research performs industry and market analysis for specialty foods and beverages. Clients include investors, regional and non-profit organizations, wineries, vineyards, breweries, cideries, food companies and farms. Services include consumer and trade research, supply/demand analysis, package testing, pricing, customer analysis, strategic planning and economic impact studies.

Proprietor Christian Miller has 30 years of experience in marketing and market research. This includes managing brands from a few thousand cases to over $30 million in revenues; new product launches and selling into distribution and retail; and training sales forces in analytics and usage of data. His market research background begins with an MBA concentrated in marketing research from Cornell’s Johnson School of Management, and includes managing market research for Sebastiani Vineyards and MKF; advising and directing research for the Wine Market Council; and co-founding the Wine Opinions consumer and trade panels. Miller is also the lead instructor for the annual UC Davis/OIV MSc Wine Marketing course in California.

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