NBI – Natural Business Intelligence

It is essential to evolve from 'Business as Usual' to 'Business as Natural'.


Founded on march 9, 2020, nbi – Natural Business Intelligence is a consulting start-up specialized in creating options for a nature-based economy, establishing bridges between scientific knowledge and business management. Nbi’s areas of expertise: biodiversity, ecosystem services, bioeconomy, natural capital, climate adaptation, agroecology and forests.

NBI’s team is composed of consultants and senior researchers with long experience developing consultancy in strategic management and nature-based innovation projects using technical and scientific knowledge in the areas of ecology, economics and management, both at the level of business and organizational consulting and as members of national and European Applied Innovation and Research consortia.

NBI develops projects and services in the areas of Biodiversity strategic management, Ecosystem Services economic and social valuation, Natural Capital, Bioeconomy and Climate Adaptation. At the sectoral level, NBI’s team has been creating a strong link to the vineyard sector, through projects developed with entities such as Wines of Alentejo, under the Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program and associated companies, with the general focus being the agroecological management of functional biodiversity and ecosystem services supporting the vineyards and surrounding landscape, in order to create options for increasing climate and ecological resilience.

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